Working from Baltimore this week

Baltimore aquarium buildings
National Aquarium, Baltimore, Maryland

While my husband attends the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference in Baltimore this week, I decided to be a part-time tourist and copyedit a journal article part-time as well. Today I visited the National Aquarium, which I was surprised to discover contains much more than a shark tank, numerous fresh- and saltwater tanks of fish and coral, and a movie theater. That could be because it is two aquaria merged together.

The Amazon rainforest exhibit on the top floor of the original 1981 building also houses numerous types of colorful birds and three Linne’s two-toed sloths. I enjoyed the variety of tropical plants and trees, including one called Dumb Cane. The newer Australian exhibit, in a building from 2005, has crocodiles and many different turtles. And then there’s a dolphin show. I enjoyed watching the five females being trained and massaged, and then one did a few spectacular jumps. They are building a far larger sanctuary for the seven dolphins to retire to, but since the announcer said it will be in the keys of Florida or maybe the Caribbean, it seems construction has not yet begun. All in all a fun excursion of about four hours, including a break across the street at a cafe.

Photo credit: Taken in 2016 by Jarekt, Wikipedia.
Revised August 8, 2018.

1 thought on “Working from Baltimore this week

  1. Here is the text of the “Dumb Cane” sign. “Tiny needle-sharp crystals shoot from its cells and tear tender mouths of plant-eating predators. Then, paralyzing enzymes penetrate the tiny cuts.”

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