Montana events

Fred Inabnit portrait
Fred Inabnit (1866-1928), my great-grandfather.
In the fall every year, two events occur that are. of interest to me as publisher of well-researched titles on Greater Yellowstone (see the Yellowstone Treasures website). This year they are taking place simultaneously, and I chose one.

In Missoula starting today and running through Sunday is the Montana Book Festival. Last year I represented Granite Peak Publications at a table that was memorably placed next to Whiskey Tit‘s. And I see that they are there again this year, bringing three of their authors.

In Billings starting this evening and running through Saturday is “Rimrocks, Rivers & Rolling Plains: History from the Yellowstone Valley,” the annual conference of the Montana Historical Society. Among other talks will be one on my great-grandfather, the mountaineer Fred Inabnit, given by Ralph Saunders. If you are curious, Brett French wrote an article about both of them eight years ago in the Billings Gazette. So that’s the event I am attending. More about the conference later on!

Photo credit: posted to by Inabnit’s great grandniece, Cynthia Johnson Przybilla.

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