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Montana events

Fred Inabnit portrait
Fred Inabnit (1866-1928), my great-grandfather.
In the fall every year, two events occur that are. of interest to me as publisher of well-researched titles on Greater Yellowstone (see the Yellowstone Treasures website). This year they are taking place simultaneously, and I chose one.

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New client: University of California Press

San Francisco MOMA redesign
The new SFMOMA, view from Yerba Buena Gardens
I got a chance to meet a couple of the senior editors on staff at UC Press last May during the Saturday lunch at my first National Museum Publishing Seminar. That’s a biennial conference that was held at the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco this year. A highlight of the weekend was the party at “the newly transformed and expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) [, which] opened its doors to the public on May 14, 2016.”

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Working from Baltimore this week

Baltimore aquarium buildings
National Aquarium, Baltimore, Maryland

While my husband attends the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference in Baltimore this week, I decided to be a part-time tourist and copyedit a journal article part-time as well. Today I visited the National Aquarium, which I was surprised to discover contains much more than a shark tank, numerous fresh- and saltwater tanks of fish and coral, and a movie theater. That could be because it is two aquaria merged together.

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